Triangular Tri-Looms


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150mm (6") Oak frame Tri Loom

 Our smallest tri loom Traditional or continuous weave technique may be used.  ..

£25.50 Ex Tax: £25.50

225mm (9") Tri Loom

 A "continuous weave " tri loom which may also be woven in the traditional manner.Most looms be..

£36.00 Ex Tax: £36.00

305mm (12") Tri-Loom

 Continuous weave Tri-Loom, simple to learn, quick and easy to use...

£43.50 Ex Tax: £43.50

457mm (18") Tri Loom

 Oak framed 18" Tri Loom - Continuous weaveTake down frame for storage and transporting ..

£55.00 Ex Tax: £55.00

610mm (24") Tri Loom

 Oak framed 24" Tri Loom for "Continuous" or traditional weaving..

£67.50 Ex Tax: £67.50

914mm (36") Tri Loom

 Beech or Oak framed tri loom for "Continuous weave" or traditionalTakes apart for postage, sto..

£97.00 Ex Tax: £97.00

1060mm (42") Tri Loom

 A 42" Oak / Beech framed tri loom."Continuous weave" or traditionalTake apart frame for postin..

£112.00 Ex Tax: £112.00

1220mm (4') Tri Loom

 Oak framed Tri Loom for continuous or traditional weavingTakes apart for posting, storing or t..

£127.00 Ex Tax: £127.00

2.133m (7') Tri Loom

Now out of stock till January when the new fabrication shop will be up and running  O..

£215.00 Ex Tax: £215.00