Triangular Tri-Looms - Continuous weave

Tri Looms offer a true "Continuous Weave" with a locked in edge to enable it to be lifted clear of the loom once finished. 

All looms incorporate design features not to be found elsewhere.

Dales Looms, the leading UK producer of hardwood Peg Looms available in Ash, Beech, Cherry, Elm and Oak.

 We also make square and hexagonal frame Pin Looms

Square and hexagonal looms may be warped in many different ways above and beyond the basic 5 warps. Incredibly flexible and very quick to weave.

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6" Tri Loom Oak frame 15cm

 Our smallest tri loom Traditional or continuous weave technique may be used.  ..

£27.50 Ex Tax: £27.50

9" Tri Loom Oak frame 22cm

 A "continuous weave " tri loom which may also be woven in the traditional manner.Most looms be..

£36.00 Ex Tax: £36.00

12" Tri-Loom Oak frame

 Continuous weave Tri-Loom, simple to learn, quick and easy to use...

£43.50 Ex Tax: £43.50

18" Tri Loom Oak frame 45cm

 Oak framed 18" Tri Loom - Continuous weaveTake down frame for storage and transporting ..

£55.00 Ex Tax: £55.00

24" Tri Loom, Oak frame

 Oak framed 24" Tri Loom for "Continuous" or traditional weaving..

£67.50 Ex Tax: £67.50

36" Tri Loom Oak frame 90cm

Oak framed tri loom for "Continuous weave" or traditionalTakes apart for postage, storage or transpo..

£97.00 Ex Tax: £97.00

42" Tri Loom Oak frame 106cm

 A 42" Oak framed tri loom.Made to order"Continuous weave" or traditionalTake apart frame for p..

£120.00 Ex Tax: £120.00

4' Oak frame Tri Loom 120cm

 Oak framed Tri Loom for continuous or traditional weavingTakes apart for posting, storing or t..

£127.00 Ex Tax: £127.00

7' Oak frame Tri / Triangular Loom 2.1m Continuous Weave

 Our largest Oak framed standard tri loom - shawl size - for continuous weavingCan also be made..

£215.00 Ex Tax: £215.00